Guide to Facebook Business Manager

A Facebook business manager is a very useful tool used by businesses such as towing service McLean va to do different types of advertising of their products and services on Facebook. If you have other clients you are running ads for them, you can use Facebook Manager to manage all of them. A Facebook business manager is a useful tool that can help you create, publish and monitor reports on various business-related assets. A business manager allows you the ability to grant partial or full access to different employees and assign them different roles as you may so deem.

Essentially, this tool helps your team to stay organized and focused, while at the same time monitoring, creating, and publishing various ads on Facebook. You need to understand that Facebook Business Manager (FBM) is not tied to your account. You don’t need a personal Facebook account to use FBM. It will only show you your business assets, including accounts, all pages related to your business, advertising, and what is happening in terms of analytics.

Setting up Facebook Business Manager

When setting up this tool, you will need to head to and create an account. The next step is to fill in your business name on the pop-up screen and continue with the process. The pop-up screen will ask for your email. Type it in the box and click finish. When setting up FBM, it will not matter whether you have a personal Facebook account or not. The whole thing is a different setup process, and will simply require your business name and email to continue with the process. It will be an easy three-step process that will essentially take you only two minutes.

Adding Pages

It is very easy to add Facebook Business Pages to your Facebook Manager account. The first step involves adding a page.  Click on -add a page, on the pop-up screen. On the next page that appears, type your page in the search bar. If it is a pre-created page, it will pop up right up. Proceed to click the blue – add a page, button. Additionally, you can add your Facebook As account. Adding the ad account is almost the same process. It is very important to note that you can only add one ad account at first, and then you will be able to add additional ad accounts once you start spending money on your first ad account.

Managing People

It is now easier than ever to manage people on Facebook Business Manager. You can begin by adding internal employees to your Facebook Business Manager. Adding people is easy and you have total control to limit the number of actions and privileges such people can have. You can limit access to the employee only for example- if you want to assign one employee to handle your Instagram account and monitor related analytics. However, when you want another employee to join your team to handle other analytics, you get the chance to make those specifications as well.

A Simple Guide to Consulting Business

Before venturing into the lawn care business, I used to run a successful consulting firm. Consulting is a relatively vague concept, and it can be used to mean a lot of things. On a deeper level, two of the most commonly used terms are strategy and management. The two are commonly intertwined when it comes to consulting.


Consulting is the process of providing expert advice, opinion, and sharing strategies at a fee. It can be done by an individual or business that has a specialty in a certain field. Consulting is more than just giving advice. It includes a wide range of activities such as problem diagnosis, collection of data, feedback, strategy building as well as implementation.

Consultants and consulting firms are highly sought after as they can bring unique and fresh perspectives to a pressing business problem and challenge. In most times, business owners and leaders need to have a new set of eyes when approaching issues and to achieve that, consultants are the best bet to help them achieve that.

When it comes to consulting, there are many different types, that include the following;

Management Consulting

Management consulting is a far-term that involves the practice of third parties providing excellent advice and guidance to a company’s leadership to improve the overall performance. Strategy consulting falls under this bracket. It is a subset of management consulting where consultants provide insights that are related to an industry and have actionable strategies to deal with an individual’s business as well as management challenges.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting is a very important subset of management consulting. The purpose of strategy consulting is to review key business strategies and provide expert advice on how to develop new ways of doing business. Strategy consultants are typically experts in a certain industry or field and are used to advise on high-level strategic business decisions.

Operations Consulting

While strategy consultants are primarily involved with the “why”, operations consulting are involved why answering the question “how”. These consultants are experts in addressing operational processes including procurement, supply chain management. outsourcing among others. They often do more in practical business processes than giving advice. Additionally, they offer implementation and deployment services to help clients put their new processes to work.

Human Resource Consulting

The purpose of human resource consulting is to help companies hire and retain remarkable employees. Those involved with this field are experts who address HR processes including training and development, management philosophies, conflict resolution, benefits, and pension as well as employee satisfaction. Human resource consultants also ensure businesses keep to follow the required legal and ethical best practices.

The brand of consulting is very expansive and hard to exhaust. Every business field and the unit has a consultant. We have IT consultants, sales consulting, marketing consulting, financial consulting, legal consulting, environmental consulting among others.

To start any consulting business, you will need to assess your skills and strengths to choose a niche that is best suited for you. Analyze your market needs and pain points, develop your brand and service offerings, open your business, and work on marketing strategies that can be used to attract new clients. Always stay organized for you to scale.