Best Practices for Providing SMS Customer Support

Research has shown that Americans spend about five hours per day on their cell phones. 92 percent of their time is spent on apps such as social media and messaging, in their zeal to look for entertaining content. Today, businesses including Motorcycle Towing Orlando use a wide range of methods to interact with their customers, including emails, messaging, social media, and other channels that create an Omnichannel experience for their consumers.

Messaging via short message service or instant messaging has become an integral part that many businesses are beginning to adopt. Platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp offer free massaging tools that businesses can fully use to communicate with their customers. This calls for the importance of businesses implementing SMS customer support.

What is SMS Customer Support?

SMS customer support refers to any support that is provided by a company to a customer via text messaging. It is completely virtual and requires no face to face or verbal communication. Research shows that text messages are opened on an average of 98 percent of the time, compared to messages that get a 22 percent opening rate. If your company wants to be heard by customers, here are some of the best practices to follow when providing SMS customer support.

Be clear on your goals

To get the most from your customer service messaging, you need to be clear on why you are offering the option to your customers in the first place. Your goals should be clear. The objectives you set for your messaging must aim at cost reduction, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Use the right SMS support channel

Messaging can be broad and using the right channel is key to ensuring your message gets through to the right audience. For your business, you will have a wide range of channels to choose from. Your options will include SMS, direct messaging via social media, and also specialized commercial messaging platforms. From all the options you have, it can be challenging finding the right platform to stick with. Choose from the preferences of your customers.

Balance Automation with Human Work

One of the reasons that make messaging to be cost-effective when offering customer service is its ability for automation. You will have a far greater chance to automate what you send to your customers, in terms of content and frequency, especially of you can integrate with some artificial intelligence technologies. Customers will enjoy SMS when it is personalized, so there is a need to balance between automation and personalizing messages send with human input.

Leverage SMS to collect user feedback

One in every 25 customers will complain or give negative feedback about the customer experience they just received. You can leverage the full use of messaging by offering your customers an option to reach to you where you can collect their feedback. Encourage your customers to give feedback on how they were served, whether positive or negative. Use the feedback you collect to better customer service and provide solutions to what your customers are looking for.

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