How to Successfully Adopt New Habits

habitNo matter what type of habit you want to adopt, be it a good or bad one, you may come to discover that changing what you are used to doing on a daily basis can be more demanding. If you are ready to take a new challenge, the first thing you need is to take a moment and evaluate your mindset. Any change that will ever happen to you begins in the brain. It is a common conception in our society that change is difficult; people always want to maintain the status quo. The thought of taking a new challenge seems daunting. However, you can do it. All you need is to believe in yourself. Adopting a new habit boils down to being consistent in everything you do.

To increase your chances of success in adopting a new habit, it is helpful that you break things down into six key steps.



You first need to decide what your new habit will be as this is the first step. You need to get very specific with this step. Will you be eating healthier, working out going to bed earlier or what is it that you want to specifically achieve. Figure out what you need to do as well as knowing why you want to do it. Knowing the importance of what you need to achieve serves as a motivating factor to help you achieve your goals faster.


Write it down

Write your new habit down. Doing so makes the habit both tangible as well as visible. You need to tell yourself what you are going to do, by doing it in writing. When you don’t write your goal down, you can easily be distracted and change your plans.


Develop a smart goal

You need to develop a goal according to the principles of the SMART acronym. You might have come across this acronym, but all we mean is that your goal must be smart, measurable, achievable, and realistic and time-bound.



You need to plan your schedule accordingly. You need to define when you will act on your goal. If your goal is to go to the gym more often, then decide if you will go in the morning or in the evening. Be specific to get all the details right and put up a calendar to guide you to implement your goals.



Act on your habits and start performing on the behavior you want to adopt. As psychology tells it all, it is often the thought of an action that makes it difficult and not the real or actual action itself. Remind yourself the reasons you are adopting the new habit. Every day presents itself as a day to take action, so even when you miss a day, don’t give up in totality. When you slip up a single day, do not use that an excuse to give up.


Lastly, it is very important to access your progress. You may need to redesign your habits if necessary. Check in frequently to see the success you are making and the areas you are failing. If things are not going in the way you had planned them, it’s time you make some adjustments.