Guide to Facebook Business Manager

A Facebook business manager is a very useful tool used by businesses such as towing service McLean va to do different types of advertising of their products and services on Facebook. If you have other clients you are running ads for them, you can use Facebook Manager to manage all of them. A Facebook business manager is a useful tool that can help you create, publish and monitor reports on various business-related assets. A business manager allows you the ability to grant partial or full access to different employees and assign them different roles as you may so deem.

Essentially, this tool helps your team to stay organized and focused, while at the same time monitoring, creating, and publishing various ads on Facebook. You need to understand that Facebook Business Manager (FBM) is not tied to your account. You don’t need a personal Facebook account to use FBM. It will only show you your business assets, including accounts, all pages related to your business, advertising, and what is happening in terms of analytics.

Setting up Facebook Business Manager

When setting up this tool, you will need to head to and create an account. The next step is to fill in your business name on the pop-up screen and continue with the process. The pop-up screen will ask for your email. Type it in the box and click finish. When setting up FBM, it will not matter whether you have a personal Facebook account or not. The whole thing is a different setup process, and will simply require your business name and email to continue with the process. It will be an easy three-step process that will essentially take you only two minutes.

Adding Pages

It is very easy to add Facebook Business Pages to your Facebook Manager account. The first step involves adding a page.  Click on -add a page, on the pop-up screen. On the next page that appears, type your page in the search bar. If it is a pre-created page, it will pop up right up. Proceed to click the blue – add a page, button. Additionally, you can add your Facebook As account. Adding the ad account is almost the same process. It is very important to note that you can only add one ad account at first, and then you will be able to add additional ad accounts once you start spending money on your first ad account.

Managing People

It is now easier than ever to manage people on Facebook Business Manager. You can begin by adding internal employees to your Facebook Business Manager. Adding people is easy and you have total control to limit the number of actions and privileges such people can have. You can limit access to the employee only for example- if you want to assign one employee to handle your Instagram account and monitor related analytics. However, when you want another employee to join your team to handle other analytics, you get the chance to make those specifications as well.

A Simple Guide to Consulting Business

Before venturing into the lawn care business, I used to run a successful consulting firm. Consulting is a relatively vague concept, and it can be used to mean a lot of things. On a deeper level, two of the most commonly used terms are strategy and management. The two are commonly intertwined when it comes to consulting.


Consulting is the process of providing expert advice, opinion, and sharing strategies at a fee. It can be done by an individual or business that has a specialty in a certain field. Consulting is more than just giving advice. It includes a wide range of activities such as problem diagnosis, collection of data, feedback, strategy building as well as implementation.

Consultants and consulting firms are highly sought after as they can bring unique and fresh perspectives to a pressing business problem and challenge. In most times, business owners and leaders need to have a new set of eyes when approaching issues and to achieve that, consultants are the best bet to help them achieve that.

When it comes to consulting, there are many different types, that include the following;

Management Consulting

Management consulting is a far-term that involves the practice of third parties providing excellent advice and guidance to a company’s leadership to improve the overall performance. Strategy consulting falls under this bracket. It is a subset of management consulting where consultants provide insights that are related to an industry and have actionable strategies to deal with an individual’s business as well as management challenges.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting is a very important subset of management consulting. The purpose of strategy consulting is to review key business strategies and provide expert advice on how to develop new ways of doing business. Strategy consultants are typically experts in a certain industry or field and are used to advise on high-level strategic business decisions.

Operations Consulting

While strategy consultants are primarily involved with the “why”, operations consulting are involved why answering the question “how”. These consultants are experts in addressing operational processes including procurement, supply chain management. outsourcing among others. They often do more in practical business processes than giving advice. Additionally, they offer implementation and deployment services to help clients put their new processes to work.

Human Resource Consulting

The purpose of human resource consulting is to help companies hire and retain remarkable employees. Those involved with this field are experts who address HR processes including training and development, management philosophies, conflict resolution, benefits, and pension as well as employee satisfaction. Human resource consultants also ensure businesses keep to follow the required legal and ethical best practices.

The brand of consulting is very expansive and hard to exhaust. Every business field and the unit has a consultant. We have IT consultants, sales consulting, marketing consulting, financial consulting, legal consulting, environmental consulting among others.

To start any consulting business, you will need to assess your skills and strengths to choose a niche that is best suited for you. Analyze your market needs and pain points, develop your brand and service offerings, open your business, and work on marketing strategies that can be used to attract new clients. Always stay organized for you to scale.

Best Practices for Providing SMS Customer Support

Research has shown that Americans spend about five hours per day on their cell phones. 92 percent of their time is spent on apps such as social media and messaging, in their zeal to look for entertaining content. Today, businesses including Motorcycle Towing Orlando use a wide range of methods to interact with their customers, including emails, messaging, social media, and other channels that create an Omnichannel experience for their consumers.

Messaging via short message service or instant messaging has become an integral part that many businesses are beginning to adopt. Platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp offer free massaging tools that businesses can fully use to communicate with their customers. This calls for the importance of businesses implementing SMS customer support.

What is SMS Customer Support?

SMS customer support refers to any support that is provided by a company to a customer via text messaging. It is completely virtual and requires no face to face or verbal communication. Research shows that text messages are opened on an average of 98 percent of the time, compared to messages that get a 22 percent opening rate. If your company wants to be heard by customers, here are some of the best practices to follow when providing SMS customer support.

Be clear on your goals

To get the most from your customer service messaging, you need to be clear on why you are offering the option to your customers in the first place. Your goals should be clear. The objectives you set for your messaging must aim at cost reduction, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Use the right SMS support channel

Messaging can be broad and using the right channel is key to ensuring your message gets through to the right audience. For your business, you will have a wide range of channels to choose from. Your options will include SMS, direct messaging via social media, and also specialized commercial messaging platforms. From all the options you have, it can be challenging finding the right platform to stick with. Choose from the preferences of your customers.

Balance Automation with Human Work

One of the reasons that make messaging to be cost-effective when offering customer service is its ability for automation. You will have a far greater chance to automate what you send to your customers, in terms of content and frequency, especially of you can integrate with some artificial intelligence technologies. Customers will enjoy SMS when it is personalized, so there is a need to balance between automation and personalizing messages send with human input.

Leverage SMS to collect user feedback

One in every 25 customers will complain or give negative feedback about the customer experience they just received. You can leverage the full use of messaging by offering your customers an option to reach to you where you can collect their feedback. Encourage your customers to give feedback on how they were served, whether positive or negative. Use the feedback you collect to better customer service and provide solutions to what your customers are looking for.

How to Achieve Your Goals Faster.

goalsAs humans, we are programmed to want more and to aspire to achieve more. In general, people are obsessed with stuff, be it expensive products, owning businesses such as, owning cars, houses, but above all, and achieving all our goals. In most cases, we spend even without thinking by buying new products even before we are done with old ones. Most cases, we have goals and aspirations we want to achieve, but the fear of the unknown drags us back. If you are looking forward to achieving all your goals, here are a simple way to go about it.

Spend time alone

To achieve your goals faster, you need to spend quality time in isolation developing your goals. Get alone in a quiet place that is free from distractions and begin to develop a plan for all your goals. Shut down all forms of distractions that might stop your brain from achieving maximum reasoning. If you have to tell some people, be it your family and friends, ask them to let you have the alone time you need to develop your goals.

Define your goals in writing

You need to write down your goals as this is the beginning of achieving them. Your goals must be smart, measurable, realistic, actionable, reinforcing and trackable. Written goals will help in bring a better clarity in your life. When you have your goals documented, in helps in creating a road map for you to focus on your directions.

Measures for success

measureYou need to create measures for success. It is not enough for you to say you have a goal, what is required next is for you to have a way of measuring the progress and success you are on, towards achieving your goals. A short time can be within a year, medium time within three years and long term over three years. You can also set up start dates and completion dates to keep yourself stretched.

Define all possible outcomes for success

One of the key ways to staying motivated to achieving your goals is by defining the opportunities you have for success. List three or four opportunities for success per your desire. You will notice that your list becomes a huge motivator to achieving your goals without any doubts. You also need to identify all obstacles to your success. Obstacles will attempt to detour you and you have to identify all of them with a purpose of eliminating them. You also need to break down your goals into manageable action plans.


The Hidden Secrets of Self Control

self controlSuppose you are running a business such as West Palm Beach Towing Service. In terms of sales, you had a very successful previous, but this year, some aspects of the business are not going right. You are overwhelmed by a lot of issues that you have to get right. So, how do you control yourself and keep calm when faced with uncertainties and hard times? All you need when faced with a challenging situation is self-control and discipline.

When it comes to self-control, it can be so easy to put the focus on our failures rather than focusing on our success. Self-control is more of a principle that helps in instilling discipline to us to help us achieve our goals. Failure to control ourselves is by itself a way of failing. If you are looking to achieve self-control, there are a couple of principles that can help you achieve the same;



Meditation is very important as it trains your brain to become very effective in self-control. Simple techniques such as mindfulness involve taking some private time to control your breathing and senses and this helps in creating self-awareness and training your brain to resist all forms of destructive impulses.



You need to have control over what you eat. Your brain burns a lot of energy while trying to exercise self-control. If you have a low blood pressure, you might fall a victim of self-control. Foods high in carbs spike your sugar levels and may not be the best for self-control. You need to eat something that is slowly burned in your body.



You need to get your body on the move for at least 10 minutes. When you exercise, you release neurotransmitters that make your brain feel soothed and active for the rest of the day. If you want to feel good and regain control over challenging situations then you need to exercise.



Sleep is very important when it comes to your health and longevity. When you’re tired, the ability of the brain to control itself is heavily reduced. When you are tired, you force your brain to crave for sugar to get instant glucose, and this does more harm than good to your body. If you want to have a better control of the situation, then you need to rest your brain with good sleep and give it an opportunity to make better decisions when you are refreshed.

How to Manage Stress Effectively

stressThese days, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed as we juggle between work, family and other commitments. There are lots of tasks we have to deal with on a daily basis and chances of getting busy, tired and stressed are very high. Irrespective of how busy you can become, you need to set aside some time to rewind and refresh. Learning how to manage stress takes time, but it is not that very hard.


What is Stress?

Stress is more of a feeling of being under intense and abnormal pressure. This pressure emanates from different sectors and aspects of your daily life. Pressure can be caused by an increased workload, arguments or just a transitional period in your life. You may experience a lot of pressure when dealing with issues affecting your family, or dealing with a tough financial situation.



When dealing with a stressful situation, there are a couple of ways to identify the same. Common signs of stress may include a feeling of constant worry and anxiety, a feeling of being overwhelmed, when you experience difficulties concentrating, having constant mood swings, having a short temper, difficulties breathing, depression, low self-esteem, abnormalities in eating among others.

People react differently to stress. Research has shown that controlled stress can indeed be positive. It can make you more alert and increase your response rate to stressing situations. The benefits posed by stress are short-lived. However, excessive and prolonged stress can be detrimental to your health.

There are a couple of ways to deal with a stressful situation and these include;


Identify the source of stress

StressedYou will not be able to deal with a stressful situation if you are not aware of what is causing the stress. Identifying the source of stress may not be as easy as it sounds, but that is the first thing you need. It can be so easy to overlook at your own thoughts, words, emotions, and habits and fail to identify what is causing stress. You need to identify what is constantly stressing you to be able to manage it.


Practice 4As of Stress Management

You can approach stress from the 4As of stress management. First, you need to avoid unnecessary stress. You will be surprised by the fact that a large number of issues causing stress in your life can be eliminated. You also need to avoid people who stress you. If someone is constantly causing stress in your life, limit the number of interactions you have with them. You also need to take control of your environment but turning off all the things that stress you. Additionally, prepare a to-do list and stick to it to avoid causing unnecessary pressure to yourself.

Accept things you can’t change

Some sources of stress are natural and can’t be avoided. There are some stressful situations that are out of your management and control. This means you should try to accept the things you can’t control. Do not waste your time trying to control the uncontrollable. When you are facing a very challenging situation, look at it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Accept some of the bad things that happen in your life and learn to forgive. It is always very important to share your feelings with those people who care as they can help you out.




How to Break a Bad Habit

habitBad habits interrupt your whole life and hinder you from reaching the potentials that you possess. Bad habits jeopardize your mental and physical health making you waste a lot of time and energy. Most bad habits are caused by two things which are stress and boredom.  Everything be it biting your nails, drinking every weekend, overspending on a shopping spree or just wasting time over the internet, all these happen as a result of stress and boredom.

The good news is that you can teach yourself new and good ways to deal with stress and boredom. The issues you are facing may be tough to deal with, but if you think about the benefits associated with quitting a bad habit, you should be motivated to make a move. All the habits you have right now, be it good or bad, happen with a reason.


If you are looking forward to breaking a bad habit, here is what you can do.


Choose a substitute

You need to plan way ahead of time on how to respond to a situation that forces you to adopt a bad habit. What will you do when you are faced with the urge to smoke? What are you going to do when social media is calling and urging you to procrastinate? Whatever it is that you are going to do, you need to have a plan for what you will do to deal with the bad habit.


Cut off the triggers

You need to cut off the triggers that entice you to adopt a bad habit. If you always smoke when you go to a certain joint, then avoid going to that joint in totality. If you eat cookies whenever you are in the house, then throw away all the cookies. If the first step you do when you sit in the house it to turn on the TV, then ensure that the remote is far away. Make it easier for yourself to break bad habits by cutting off all the triggers.


Your environment

Surround yourself with people who live the way you want to live. You don’t have to ditch your old friends, but you should never underestimate the power of finding new friends. You need to join forces with someone who encourages you to be the best version of yourself. If you have been struggling to achieve something, join hands with another person who is in dire need to achieve the same and work together towards meeting that goal.

How to Successfully Adopt New Habits

habitNo matter what type of habit you want to adopt, be it a good or bad one, you may come to discover that changing what you are used to doing on a daily basis can be more demanding. If you are ready to take a new challenge, the first thing you need is to take a moment and evaluate your mindset. Any change that will ever happen to you begins in the brain. It is a common conception in our society that change is difficult; people always want to maintain the status quo. The thought of taking a new challenge seems daunting. However, you can do it. All you need is to believe in yourself. Adopting a new habit boils down to being consistent in everything you do.

To increase your chances of success in adopting a new habit, it is helpful that you break things down into six key steps.



You first need to decide what your new habit will be as this is the first step. You need to get very specific with this step. Will you be eating healthier, working out going to bed earlier or what is it that you want to specifically achieve. Figure out what you need to do as well as knowing why you want to do it. Knowing the importance of what you need to achieve serves as a motivating factor to help you achieve your goals faster.


Write it down

Write your new habit down. Doing so makes the habit both tangible as well as visible. You need to tell yourself what you are going to do, by doing it in writing. When you don’t write your goal down, you can easily be distracted and change your plans.


Develop a smart goal

You need to develop a goal according to the principles of the SMART acronym. You might have come across this acronym, but all we mean is that your goal must be smart, measurable, achievable, and realistic and time-bound.



You need to plan your schedule accordingly. You need to define when you will act on your goal. If your goal is to go to the gym more often, then decide if you will go in the morning or in the evening. Be specific to get all the details right and put up a calendar to guide you to implement your goals.



Act on your habits and start performing on the behavior you want to adopt. As psychology tells it all, it is often the thought of an action that makes it difficult and not the real or actual action itself. Remind yourself the reasons you are adopting the new habit. Every day presents itself as a day to take action, so even when you miss a day, don’t give up in totality. When you slip up a single day, do not use that an excuse to give up.


Lastly, it is very important to access your progress. You may need to redesign your habits if necessary. Check in frequently to see the success you are making and the areas you are failing. If things are not going in the way you had planned them, it’s time you make some adjustments.